Service Associate- Receiving/ Storekeeper(Зөвхөн англи хэл дээрх CV болон анкетийг хүлээн авна)

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It takes a special kind of person to work at Shangri-La: someone with an eye for

details and the skills to perform; someone with an attitude to deliver and a

passion to delight. Are you Shangri-La? We

are diverse, warm and caring, but also demanding, dynamic and innovative. As with every property in the group,

Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar will operate on a simple yet powerful philosophy

of Shangri-La hospitality from a caring family. The uniquely Asian view of service

at this luxury hotel embodies the core values of respect, helpfulness,

courtesy, sincerity and humility. These qualities have been the cornerstone of

Shangri-La's success.

We are currently seeking for a Service Associate – Receiving/Storekeeper to join

our Finance team.

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Experiences and skills required:

Нэмэлт мэдээлэл



Цалин Тохиролцоно

Төрөл Бүтэн цагийн

Түвшин Дунд шатны удирдах

Салбар Зочид буудал & Ресторан

Холбоо барих


Утас 77029999


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